Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's in a (new bloggy) name?

In the realm of random, quick things...anyone have good ideas for a new blog name/URL?

Keep in mind I'm moving it to Wordpress, not staying with Blogger--nor do I want to pay for a custom URL. That's just way too much hassle....

I have a few in mind but am having a harder time deciding on just one, and I don't want to use the just-for-fun Wordpress URL I already have. (Bonus points to you if you even knew that blog existed; triple points if you know what the URL is! ;o))

So...lovely readers, drop me a comment and give me your fabulous in the fillintheblank part here:
[fill in the blank].wordpress.blah

My requirements (or else merely thoughts):

  • Nothing with my name in it.
  • No widow anything (i.e., nor death/grief/loss/Charley/whatever) in the URL.
  • Something encompassing enough to cover the variety of whatever crap topics I choose to write.  (Hell, my two most recent posts on my for-fun-but-must-move blog were about Adam Levine/Maroon 5 and my student loans...really deep, loaded stuff, lemme tell you.... ;o)) Photography will obviously be there, as will random tidbits from our life and, I assume, widowhood-related posts at times. So lotsa stuff...maybe.
  • ... ??

Clearly, I need some inspired input. ;o) I didn't come up with Crash Course Widow in the first place; my bestie BFF KDK did*, way back in late March or early april 2008 when I first started this blog. 

(*Or else it was an accidental collaborative effort based on something I said randomly on the phone to her, to which her bloggy-name lightbulb clicked on, and the rest is history. =))

So please...ay├║dame. =)


(P.S.: I already checked. crashcourselife.wordpress.blah is already no dice with that literal change....)


  1. Hmmm... perhaps something like "crashing into life" or "crashing into.... [insert something uplifting]" I've enjoyed this blog, looking forward to the new one! :-)

  2. I'm not good at coming up with names, but thought I would throw this out there. Crashing through the Gates of Life.


  3. In a deliberate attempt to not use "crash", I throw out the more positive: "Slow and Steady."

  4. Adding "Graduated a Crash Course" to the other suggestions. Love how you write. You put feelings I have also had into the best desriptions. Always feel connected and always silently cheering you on.

  5. Hi...previous comment from me...just want to say that I have no idea how or why it was signed in in that way...sorry
    Lori R...Dove1953

  6. Hmm... only knowing you from reading your blog, here are a few suggestions that might connect to the previous title or other things you've shared...

    Course Correction
    Riding Our New Course
    Of Course ... (or Off Course, or Formerly Off Course, or something like that)
    Still Shots (** I'm not totally familiar with photography lingo, but something to reference your sharing of snapshots of your life)
    Snapshots of Us